Trade-In Policy


1-800-727-5511   or   1-607-729-5511


1. We accept used (or new) clubs in trade towards the purchase of other golf clubs.


2. What qualifies as an acceptable trade-in? 
          The clubs must be a well known brand name (Callaway, Ping, Mizuno, Titleist,

          etc.), they must be matched, the shafts should match and be in marketable

          condition, etc.


3. How do I get an estimate on my clubs?

          Call us (800-727-5511),....we will provide you with a "ball park" figure after you

          describe your clubs to us.


4. If you like the ball price figure, send the clubs to us for a firm, final price.

     If you like that price, we will apply the credit for your trade-ins to your purchase.

     If you do not like our offer, we will send them back to you immediately at our cost.


5. Pack the clubs with paper between the heads, lots of paper in the box, and ship to:
                 Dimmock Hill Golf Course
                 638 Dimmock Hill Road
                 Binghamton, New York 13905


Incidentally, what will we not accept?
We cannot accept iron sets with a missing club (such as a missing 6 iron), or any damaged clubs, we cannot accept any clubs where the engraved registration number has been sanded off (we've seen a lot of Ping irons like that), no clubs that have been customized to such an extreme that they cannot be sold (examples: clubs bent to 5 degrees upright, clubs cut down 3 inches from standard, clubs with X-300 shafts), no clubs that have been lengthened with wooden plugs, we can't accept clubs with mismatched shafts, irons with gouges in the heads, clubs with rusted shafts or rusted heads, clubs that have been have doctored or altered, etc.

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