MAKE EXTRA MONEY (Fund Raising?)

or simply give the prizes to your players!


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††† If you are sponsoring a GOLF LEAGUE Tournament or any Tourney, call us on how you can GET golf clubs at wholesale cost, or how you can raise funds, or give the golf clubs to your Tournament golfers!


††† The main idea is that we provide for your committee, a set of professional golf clubs at wholesale, which is then offered as a DOOR PRIZE for the tournament players. The price you pay is what a Proshop would pay the manufacturer for the same clubs. You then sell one Door Prize ticket to each player in your tournament. You can buy a Driver, a set of irons, bag, putter, etc., for your tournament.


††† A real example (for fund raising): we provide your committee the clubs at the mfrís cost. That price is significantly lower than any store price. Those clubs cost $500 and up, which are retailed at $800+ at the Mall. If you have 50 or more players, you offer 50 tickets (or one ticket per player) at $15 each. The total raised is $750 (50 players x $15). As you paid $500 for that dream set, and you sold 50 Door Prize tickets for $750, you raised $250 with that one door prize. The winner, among the 50 ticket holders, gets a new set of clubs, and the Tournament earns $250. Make the ticket $20 each, instead of $15, and the committee raises $1000 (50 players x $20=$1000, minus $500 for the clubs is $500).


††† One local Teacherís league, with only 28 members, collects $1 a week (during a 12 week season) from each league member (thatís pocket change) and then uses that cash to purchase one Pro Driver retailing at $499, and they give that club away as a Door prize to their players at their annual Fall Tournament/Clambake. They paid $312 for that driver (thatís wholesale). This is a great way to keep the guys committed to their weekly golf league and the final Tournament/clambake.


†† Our Tourney prizes are confidential. Please call for prices.††


1. We need some documentation regarding your tournament (date, place, numbers, etc).

2. Payment can be with bank check, or, if using a credit card, add 2% (for processing).

3. Our intention is to give this opportunity to the Tournament sponsor playing at a course where there

†† is no Golf Pro. The point is that we know we have a better price than your local price. We know that

†† because we have been doing this with tournament sponsors for years. Many of your local golf courses

†† also are not geared to provide Tournament prizes at wholesale prices. Many courses also do not sell

†† golf clubs. But, if you do want to negotiate with your Golf Pro, we have no problem bowing out of

†† that competition.

4. The clubs are warranted by the manufacturer, so thatís never a problem.

5. The clubs purchased for this tournament are not returnable, once the order is placed.

6. If you are in New York and are a Non-Profit, send us your tax-exempt form, filled out.

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