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Employment Opportunities


JOB OPPORTUNITES….please apply in person

(call 607-729-5511 for directions to the course or click here - Directions).


We do most of our hiring during the full year, especially in March and April….


We need “Outside” employees to do turf maintenance, irrigation, cart maintenance, mow greens and fairways, etc. In most cases we need people who have experience working outside, experience regarding maintenance of machines and vehicles, etc. Apply in person at the golf shop. References required.


We also need Inside people to handle the responsibilities of the snack bar, telephone sales, counter sales, clerical responsibilities, duties relating to golf course play, rentals, equipment sales, credit card sales, bookkeeping, etc.  Computer experience with Windows (as an everyday user, not a programmer or an expert in all programs) is a plus.


We need part-timers too; experience using Microsoft Office Publisher would also be very helpful. Part time employees are also needed for evenings and weekends. References required. 


We are open from March 25 to early November, depending on the weather. Student opportunities are often available for weekend hours. 



Monday - Friday

7:00 am to 8:30 pm*

(Pro-Shop Closes at 6:30 pm)


Saturday and Sunday

7:00 am to 8:00 pm*

                                                                       (Pro-Shop Closes at 5:00 pm)                              *Weather Permitting

Contact Information


Telephone Numbers:     1-800-727-5511 (Toll Free) or Local  607-729-5511


E-Mail Address:     for any:


GPS and Postal Address:     Dimmock Hill Golf Course

                                                 638 Dimmock Hill Road

                                                 Binghamton, New York 13905