Golf Leagues

Golf Leagues


Golf is a fun sport and leagues make golf even more fun. The camaraderie that comes when friends meet

on a regular basis can’t be matched. We play golf for an hour or two, eat, and adjourn to the clubhouse

later (or before play) for food and drink.


How it works: Traditionally, someone volunteers to be the “secretary“ of the group, and the group “joins

up” to form golf league. The league may represent a local bar, a local business, a fraternal club, a social

club (like a “Singles” Club, the Elks Club), a bunch of employees from an specific industry (like teachers)

or aviation personnel (airport employees), or law enforcement people (like the Sheriff’s Dept.) or people from one place,  (such as Binghamton University), or a Church, etc.,  They plan a league starting play sometime between 3:00 and 6:30  pm for 9 holes of golf. Some leagues, mostly seniors or shift workers

even schedule a day league that starts at 10 am, while most leagues start between 3 and 6:30.  Remember,

it gets dark here at 9 pm in June and July and part of August.


Leagues schedule play for 8, 10 or 12 weeks. Sometimes a league is scheduled for 6 weeks (in September),

up to 16 weeks. One group even scheduled a league every other week-night for 8 play dates (16 weeks total

time involved). There is a discount on food and league fees.  When 20 or more players are involved (for at

least 8 weeks of play), the league Secretary also gets a discount his/her fees.    


We will be happy to advise “The secretary”, how to make out a schedule so that everyone gets to play

with others in the league (two-some or four-somes) during the season. We can also help set up a program

where there are contests with-in league play. The nice feature about leagues, is that people get to meet

new people, have fun, and then stick around for a short time after golf is over for a bite to eat, or a few

drinks at the clubhouse. You can meet a lot of nice people this way.



Questions and Answers:


1. When do leagues usually start? 

          Answer. Around the 1st week in May and as late as July. Some leagues start a 5 week block in the first

                        few days of September (A great time to play).


2. Are leagues mixed, or one gender?

          Answer. We have had all men, all women, mixed leagues plus Father-son, couples, seniors,

                        mornings only, singles, walkers only, carts only, etc.


3. What happens when rain forces a NO-Play day?

          Answer. We add a day to the end of the regular schedule and play that rain day that day.   


4. Suppose you can’t make one of the play dates?

          Answer. You should get a sub and decide, between you and the sub, how the fee will be paid.


5. What is the cost of the league, per individual? 

          Answer. Every league member pays $13 for each round on the schedule; sharing a cart is $5 more

                        per round when total is paid on day 1.


6. What are the fees for people with an annual Season Pass?   

          Answer. The first $75 of your league fees (or dues) is deducted from your seasonal greens fees.

                         Example: If your total league fees for the season come to $140, your fee, if you have a yearly

                         seasonal pass, would only be $65. (140 - 75)  


7. How about drink prices?  

          Answer. Beer is $3 a can. If you purchase 3 cans before you go out, you get a 4th can at no charge.

                        After the league player finishes play for the day, individual prices are $2 per can, or $3 per bottle

                        (to be consumed in the clubhouse).


8. When are league fees due? 

          Answer. League fees (the $13 portion times the number of rounds on the schedule) is due opening night.

                        Example: The league is 8 weeks long. The greens fees for those 8 rounds are 8 X $13 or $104.

                        That sum is due on opening day. if you plan to use a cart for the full season, the cost for sharing

                        a cart for those 8 weeks is $40 (8 X $5), and at this rate, paid on opening day, you will be

                        guaranteed a cart each day of the league schedule. If you rent a cart at the time of each

                        scheduled round, the cart fee is $6 each time.