Employment Opportunities


  JOB OPPORTUNITES….please apply in person

  (call 607-729-5511 for directions to the course or click here - Directions).


Inside job:


compensation: $12 per hour

employment type: part-time


The job is part time till late August or September. The job centers around counter responsibilities at a golf course, such as operating the cash register, selling tickets to play, serving snack foods, general housekeeping in the shop, telephone answering, opening or closing responsibilities, etc.


The job hours are approx 15-25 hours per week (example: 7 am to 10 am or 7-noon) or later in the day (example: 4-8 pm). We are open everyday and will try to fit the job to your schedule. The job requires good social skills, a positive attitude, good work ethic (or school ethic, if you are still in school), getting along with others, etc. This cannot be your first job dealing with the public.


This is a perfect job for a college student, grad student, a single mom (or a married mom), early retired man/woman, a teacher, nurse, or simply someone looking to supplement another income.


If you know anything about golf, that's a plus but not needed. A commitment, a smiling face, being a people person, being a non-smoker, and having at least a HS diploma is needed. You must be at least 18 and have your own transportation as we are 4 miles north of Johnson City, just off the Airport Road.


Please apply in person between 10 am and 3 pm (Mon-Sat). We do not accept applications by phone or by mail. The job starts in early April.


Outside job:

GOLF COURSE Grounds Maintenance

compensation: $12 hr to start, $13 in one month.

employment type: full-time


GOLF COURSE Maintenance position. Location: 10 min. north of Johnson City, near the Binghamton Regional Airport.


This is full time, 40 hours, 7-3:30 pm, Monday through Friday and on occasion, a Saturday or a Sunday, April 1 to mid-November. Men, retiree, or women may apply.


What we do: we keep an 18 hole golf course looking like a park.


Job involves golf course maintenance, etc. Good physical health required as there is there is usually physical labor to do. Mechanical "know-how" and familiarity with small engine, motor vehicle maintenance/repair, is required.


Must be at least 18, have transportation to the golf course and be available full time till mid Nov. For that reason, students going back to school in August are not qualified.


What's required: a positive attendance record in previous jobs; ability to relate to other employees; being a self starter is important, having references from your last two employers; a valid driver's license, an interest in the outdoors and a positive attitude is a must.


The benefits: a paycheck every week, unemployment in the off-season, if you qualify.


On-the-job experience working on an 18 hole public golf course is probably worth a full year's study in college, majoring in TURF Maintenance.


Please apply in person. The golf shop is open 10 am to 3 pm. Phone 607-729-5511 for directions. The job starts the last week in March.

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