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Binghamton is at the hub of 3 major highways:


    Address for GPS:

     638 Dimmock Hill Road; Binghamton, NY 13905


1. From areas East of Binghamton or from Pennsylvania via I-81 and/or  NY 17:


5 miles SE of Binghamton, I-81 northbound and NY 17 westbound, will merge and the highway will become a 4 lane highway. In the center of Binghamton, I-81 turns to the right and goes North towards Syracuse. NY 17 will be on your left. The highway sign will say, “NY 17-ELMIRA”.  STAY on NY 17. You are now westbound. Go 2 miles on NY 17 to Exit 71 N. The Exit sign will say AIRPORT. Get off at Exit 71 N. At the end of the exit ramp, turn right. You are now headed north towards the Binghamton Airport.


Go 1 mile to a traffic light. Turn right at that light. Go 100 feet and turn left. There is a fire station on that corner. Go exactly 3.5 miles straight ahead. Please observe the speed limits there (hint, hint). The Golf Course is on the right. (607-729-5511)


2. Coming from Elmira and areas West of Binghamton:


Take NY 17 to exit 71 (the exit sign says “Johnson City-Airport”. That exit is one exit AFTER the Shopping Mall exit. At the end of the ramp at exit 71, you will come to a traffic light. Turn left there. Now you are headed for the Binghamton airport. See second paragraph in #1 above for directions to the golf course.


3. Coming from Syracuse or Cortland (Via I-81 South) or ITHACA via NY Rte 79:


About 5 miles south of Whitney Point, get off Exit I-81 at exit 7. At that point you are about 7 miles NORTH of Binghamton. The sign at Exit 7 will say "CASTLE CREEK". At the end of the exit ramp, turn right. You are on US 11, southbound. Go south exactly one mile through the hamlet of Castle Creek. Just beyond the populated area of the village, you will come to BROOKS Rd on your right. Take Brooks Road exactly 3.5 miles to the golf course. In those 3.5 miles you will be making a constant arcing turn to the left. You will also go through one STOP sign 3/4 mile from the golf course. At that stop sign, BROOKS ROAD changes its name to Dimmock Hill Road.  Continue past the stop sign 3/4 mile to the golf course on your left.


4. Coming from the Binghamton Airport:


Exit the Airport to Airport Road and head towards Binghamton-Johnson City. About 2 miles south of the Airport, you will come to a Gas Station-Convenience store on your right. Turn left at that corner (the road is called Commercial Road). Stay on that until it dead-ends (about 1 mile). Turn left at the end of that road (there is a white Church at that corner). Stay on that road for about 3/4 to 1 mile. The NEXT right is Dimmock Hill Road. Go 3/4 mile on Dimmock Hill Road to the golf course. 607-729-5511.


5. Coming from Oneonta, Sidney or Bainbridge via I-88, Southbound:


Go to the end of I-88 to EXIT 1. There, I-88 ends. A few hundred feet from the end of I-88 you will cross the Chenango River. As soon as you cross the river, signs will direct you to  I-81 North.  Merge to the right lane as soon as you can as you will exit I-81 there also. The right lane directs you to Exit 6 (off I-81). The exit sign will say NORWICH-RT 12 and FRONT Street. Come down the Exit 6 ramp. At the end of the ramp, turn right. You are now on US 11 Northbound. Go about 3/4 mile on US 11 (TWO LIGHTS), and you will come to signs that direct you to the north bound entrance ramp of I-81. That corner is opposite LOWE’S. Take that left (you are still on US 11, aka CASTLE CREEK Rd). Go PAST the entrance of I-81 North. YOU DO NOT GET ON I-81! Go 1 mile past the I-81 entrance to a colonial style white Methodist Church on your left. Go 100 feet past that Church and turn left. The name of that road is WEST CHENANGO RD. Drive 3 miles on that road. The next left is  Dimmock Hill Road. Turn left there. Drive ¾  mile. The GC is on your left. 607-729-5511, if you are lost.


6. Coming from Binghamton University:


Coming out of BU is a traffic light at Rt. 434 (AKA the VESTAL Pkwy). Take a left (westbound) on Rt. 434. Go just a couple of hundred yards to a ramp (right turn) that goes to Route 201. Route 201 takes you over the Susquehanna River, northbound to NY Route 17 (aka I-86). After being on RT 201 about 1 mile, take right turn OFF 201 to NY 17. The exit sign says “NY Route 17 EAST”.  As soon as you get on 17 East, stay in the right lane as you will be getting off the highway, 1/2 mile later at exit 71. The exit sign (for EXIT 71) will say “Johnson City-Binghamton Regional Airport”. Exit Route 17 there. Come down the ramp, bearing left, to a traffic light. Turn left at that light. You are now on a 4 lane highway headed towards the Binghamton Airport. Read number 2 above for directions to the golf course.