Dimmock Hill

Golf Course

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The Dimmock Hill Golf Course is located 4 miles north of Johnson City

and is within a 15 minute drive from Binghamton and its suburbs. We can

see the runways of the Binghamton Regional Airport from here (2 air

miles away). During the summer,

the temperatures on the course are

cooler than in the valley,…. about

5 degrees, and that is due to the

golf course’s elevation of 1600 feet.

The 18 hole layout takes up a total

of 149 acres. One major objective

behind the design of the course

was to reduce the amount of time

needed to play. This design allows

a group to play 9 holes in about

90 minutes instead of  the typical

120 minutes. You easily can play 18 holes in less than 3.5 hours. No

need to use up a half day to play golf anymore

The golf course is at the confluence of the watersheds of TWO great

rivers. The rain that drops on holes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, because of the natural

                                                                                           topography, drains West    

                                                                                           and southward to the  

                                                                                           Susquehanna River. Rain

                                                                                           falling on the East side

                                                                                           (holes 8-18), finds its way to

                                                                                           the Chenango River.  There

                                                                                           are 5 ponds on the course, all

                                                                                           of which are designed to

                                                                                           capture and store surface

                                                                                           water run-off. The largest

                                                                                           pond  contains over 2 million

                                                                                           gallons of clean spring-fed

                                                                                           water, which is enough to irrigate the golf course for 2 hours a day for 180 consecutive days and still

have an abundant supply remaining.


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